5 in 5 Project #2: Cactus

My goal was to learn something new today.

I’ve always been comfortable in illustrating and sketching. The paper and pen are my closest companions in my work. I decided to start by draw something.

Right, so I really like cute potted plants.

I decided to take it further by trying to create a scalable vector graphic in Illustrator, a program that I don’t know too much about.

I decided to take the vector graphic into HTML and play with SVG animating, but quickly realized it was going to be really hard getting the plant to morph the way I was imagining it to.

Instead, I decided to go from 2D to 3D.

I’m not very proficient at 3D modelling, so it was slow and arduous process. I also wanted to render the cactus plant in a flat shader style, which I spent ages trying to figure out how to achieve in Maya! (Why is it so obscure, when it’s just one checkbox setting in Blender?) This was the finished 3D cactus!

As you can see, my UV mapping skills need a lot of work. Overall, I really enjoyed this project and learned so much!